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Can I work in Australia?

Of course! Australia is the sixth largest country in the world and does not know what a crisis is. In recent decades, the economy of this country has grown non-stop and, to this sustained growth, we must add its low unemployment rate. 

The first thing you should keep in mind is that, in order to get a job in Australia, you will need a valid and current visa that allows you to work. That is, with the tourist visa you will not be able to work legally in the country. We explain more!

What are the most common visas to work in Australia?

Depending on your nationality, age and education, the Australian government allows you to apply for a student visa or a Work And Holiday visa. Check here all the information about the visas available in Australia.

What can you work in Australia?

The job you choose will depend a lot on your level of English. Most of us are at a very basic level when we arrive in Australia. For this reason, the jobs we initially opt for are usually in the cleaning, gardening, moving, hospitality sector, among others. Take it as an adventure, open your mind, adapt to a new way of life, and be ready for anything!

In Australia you can find:


      • Unskilled jobs:in restaurant kitchens, cleaning houses or offices or, in short, in positions that do not require interaction with the customer.

      • Unskilled, better paid jobs: waiter, Au Pair, nanny, barista, shop assistant, receptionist, etc.

      • Skilled jobs: if your level of English is good and you go for it, you can get a qualified job in any sector: marketing, engineering, architecture, design...

    Frequently Asked Questions

    These are the answers to the questions you probably have right now about working in Australia:

    Where can I find job offers?

    If you are already in Australia, the best thing you can do is to go out and knock on the doors of the places where you would like to work. Don't forget to wear your best smile!

    If you want to look for work from your home country or simply take a look at the offers available in Australia, we recommend you review each of these employment portals and agencies.

    Can I find a job in Australia from my country?

    If your intention is to get hired before traveling to Australia, think twice! It is very unlikely that they will give you a job while outside the country. If you apply for an offer from your country of origin, keep in mind that the first thing they will ask of you is a personal interview. And secondly, a valid visa to work in Australia!

    It is advisable to go in order: first the visa and, once you are in Australia, get to work!

    Of course, before traveling to Australia you can start taking a look at the job offers available in the sector that interests you most. This way, you will see in which Australian city your profession is most in demand. That will help you choose your destination!

    How much do you charge per hour in Australia?

    El salario mínimo en Australia es de 24,10 AUD por hora de trabajo. Si alguien te ofrece un sueldo inferior al anteriormente citado, nunca aceptes. No suele ser el caso, pero a veces pueden aprovecharse de nuestra situación -la de ser extranjeros- para tomarnos el pelo. ¡Pero tú has leído nuestra página y ya estás preparado!

    El sueldo depende mucho del tipo de trabajo y, sobre todo, de si este es cualificado o no. La mayoría de nuestros estudiantes vienen para aprender inglés, por lo que trabajan en empleos no cualificados.

    What can I work in Australia?

    Whatever you want! Australia is a huge country that offers jobs in all sectors. But don't get too excited! If what you want is to get a qualified job you will need very good English, a desire to work and a super positive attitude. It will not be an easy path but it will be very rewarding!

    What is the Australian city with the highest job offer?

    Big cities like Sydney or Melbourne are the places that have the most job offers and, what's more, throughout the year. If you need a job as soon as you land, beware of tourist places like Byron Bay, Gold Coast or Noosa. They are holiday destinations and if you land during the winter, you may not find work as easily.

    Our students and Local Advisors who live in Australia keep us up to date with the abundance of job offers from each place. So, we will inform you of the current situation in each city when we talk to you personally!

    How many hours a week can I work?

    It will depend on your visa. With the student card, you can work 24 hours a week while you are studying, and 40 hours a week during your school holidays

    With the Work and Holiday visa, you can work 40 hours per week throughout the duration of your visa. Of course, you will not be able to stay with the same employer for more than 6 months.

    ¿Necesito saber inglés para trabajar en Australia?

    Good question. Do you need to know Spanish to work in your country? Yes and no. English is the language used in Australia, so if you want a job where you have to communicate, knowing English is essential!

    Don't speak English? Then the chances are that your first jobs in Australia will be cleaning dishes or houses. But there is no need to be ashamed of anything. We started like this! Have you not read our story?

    Does my country's curriculum help me?

    No! The resume you submit in your country is of no use to you in Australia. If your goal is to get a job in the antipodes, in addition to smiling at the employer and telling him that you really want to work, you should prepare your resume according to the country's guidelines. One of the characteristics of CVs in Australia is that they do not have a photo. Did you know?

    Prepare your Australian CV and print a few copies before traveling to Australia. This way you can distribute them from day one!

    Is it mandatory to have the Tax File Number (TFN) to work?

    El Tax File Number (TFN) es un número que emite la Australian Taxation Office (ATO) para identificar los asuntos fiscales de un individuo u organización en Australia. No es obligatorio, pero muchas empresas te lo pedirán para empezar a trabajar y solo si tienes TFN podrás recuperar los impuestos que pagues al estado australiano.

    Puedes solicitar el Tax File Number online las 24 h del día los 7 días de la semana, es gratuito y es muy fácil si sigues estos pasos. ¡Tu Local Advisor te ayudará a tramitarlo en tu destino!

    What is the Australian Business Number (ABN) used for?

    The Australian Business Number (ABN) is a public identification number (like the TFN) that allows you to work as a freelancer. and send an invoice to all those who hire your services.

    You can do this procedure yourself by entering the Australian Business Registry. Remember that, to request your ABN, you must first have the TFN.

    How do I validate my studies so that they are valid in Australia?

    Surely you have a lot of studies: university degrees, master's degrees, doctorates, higher courses... How valid are your degrees in Australia? The answer is not simple since it depends on many factors such as, for example, the sector, the career and the type of degree. We advise you to read our guide to validate your studies in Australia.

    What certificates do I need to get a job in Australia?

    To work in certain positions or sectors you must obtain a certificate. In some cases, to get certified you only have to take an online course and, on other occasions, it can be a face-to-face course of one or two days.

    Consult the certificates necessary to work in Australia.

    What is WOOFING?

    Ser un WWOOFer o viajar haciendo WWOOFING consiste en intercambiar tu trabajo de voluntario por alojamiento y comida en una granja -normalmente orgánica-. Si te gusta la naturaleza, los animales y la flora australiana, trabajar en una granja orgánica en Australia puede ser una opción.

    Can I work as an Au Pair?

    Of course! Australia is the ideal country to become an Au Pair or enroll in a Demi Pair program. It is one of the best options to get to know Australian culture up close and, at the same time, improve your English. You learn a lot with children!

    Next, we leave you all the information you need to start your adventure.

    Do I need a bank account?

    If you are in Australia for more than three months, it is recommended that you open a bank account. This way you can transfer money, pay by card and collect your salary. Check the commission conditions with each bank and choose the one that best suits you. For students, the bank account is free in most banks.

    Oh, don't forget close it when you leave the country!

    Do I have to be of legal age to work in Australia?

    Yes, to work in Australia you need to be at least 18 years old.

    How can YouTooProject help me find a job in Australia?

    From YouTooProject we will guide you from the first moment so that you know how you should look for work in Australia. We will review your resume, we will tell you the city and the best neighborhoods to find work, we will help you apply for the TFN and we will support you whenever you need it. You're invited to our monthly workshops to find work and accommodation! In addition, we have an exclusive employment program for our students. You can find more information about YouTooWork here.

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