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The authentic Western Australia

Perth is the capital of the state of Western Australia (Australia Occidental in Spanish) and is located on the west coast of the country. It is a modern, prosperous city that combines a relaxed lifestyle with a growing economy and beautiful natural surroundings. Enjoy its Mediterranean climate, its low population density and its national parks. Find out if Perth is your city!

Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is the fourth largest city in Australia and the only one on the country's west coast.A beautiful corner of the world, with fewer Spanish speakers than in the rest of Australia and a stone's throw from thousands of natural and wild paradises. Do you dare to live in Perth?

The pros and cons of living in Perth

Main advantages

  • It is a growing city, with job stability and offers in all sectors. As there is more variety, there is more work compared to other Australian cities.
  • There are thousands of activities to do throughout the year!
  • Public transport seamlessly connects all areas of the city, both the center and its suburbs.
  • The climate of the city is very good, very Mediterranean! Although in winter it is cold and you will have to take out a good coat.
  • Perth is surrounded by incredible nature: beaches, national parks and amazing landscapes. There are not many tourists, so you can see everything more peacefully.
  • You will find fewer Spanish speakers than in the rest of the Australian cities. Ideal for a complete linguistic immersion!
  • You have, within relatively short driving distances, some of the best beaches in Western Australia. There you will find good surf spots.

Some small - very small - drawbacks of the city:

  • Queda muy alejada de las principales ciudades de la costa este australiana, ¡pero cerca de Indonesia! Podrás escaparte a Bali el fin de semana. ¿Qué te parece?
  • Parking in the center is paid for and is more expensive than in other cities in Australia. The bike will be your best companion!
  • Few nightlife options. Maybe it is not the best city for those who like to party. But it is ideal for couples!
  • There are many hills! It is a city with a lot of unevenness, so wherever you go you will find a slope that will make your way... let's say interesting.
  • From the Lexis school area to the city it takes about an hour by public transport and you pay 4.5 AUD, but if you are a student you have a discount.

Where exactly is Perth located?

La ciudad de Perth se encuentra situada en el estado australiano más grande, Australia Occidental. Para que te hagas una idea de dónde está Perth, si divides Australia por la mitad de norte a sur o de arriba abajo, la parte izquierda es Western Australia (o Australia Occidental en español).

Dentro de este estado, Perth queda situada en la costa suroeste, tocando el océano Índico, ¡y alejada del resto de ciudades australianas! Cada vez más Aussies deciden vivir en Perth por esta razón, ya que la costa oeste es la más virgen y salvaje de Australia. Completamente distinta al resto del país.

Los alrededores de la ciudad de Perth son un auténtico paraíso para los viajeros más aventureros y exploradores. Si las playas y las islas cercanas a la ciudad ya son increíbles, ¡imagínate las que se encuentran un poco más lejos!

Situada entre el río Swan y el océano Índico, Perth se fundó en 1829 y se ha convertido en una de las ciudades más ricas del mundo debido a la exportación del oro, níquel, hierro y aluminio. ¡Encontrarás muchos mineros por la zona!

Weather in Perth

Australia is located in the southern hemisphere, which means that the seasons of the year go the opposite way than in Europe or America. When it is summer in Europe, in Australia it is winter  and vice versa. Although you probably already knew this.

Perth's climate is Mediterraneanso, if it is your destination city, most of the year you will live in a warm and sunny place. It is the Australian city with the most sunny days of the year! Even during winter, the sun continues to shine.

Also, its summers are long, which allows you to enjoy outdoor activities all year round. Whatever season you travel, you will find a climate that will allow you to explore the spectacular landscapes of the west coast.

How to get around Perth

Transport in Perth is very good. To get around the city you have three options: the train, the bus or the ferry. Whenever you can, it is preferable to take the train; It is much faster than the bus and also runs more frequently. Of course, if you live or move around the center, the buses are free!

And then there is the option of using the ferry that crosses from the city center. It leaves from Barrack Street Jetty to South Perth.

If you are a student, you can travel with Concession travel status, which means you pay a fairly reduced rate. To buy the card Student Smartrider, present your student card at one of the offices at Perth train station. The card itself is worth 10 AUD and will be used for your entire stay.

When you get it, you will only need to recharge it. You can do it at the central station or at any station or bus kiosk. Above all, remember to tap when going up and when going down!

The best neighborhoods to live in Perth

Perth has almost 2 million inhabitants, but you will hardly notice it thanks to the large residential suburbs that make it up, such as Fremantle, Nedlands or Victoria Park. It has lively urban districts full of fantastic shopping, nightlife and dining options.

The best neighborhoods to live in Perth are the following:

  • Northbridge: This neighborhood is located just behind the city center. Between William, James, Aberdeen and Parker streets we can find a wide variety of clubs, pubs, bars and cafes, as well as an excellent selection of restaurants. Perfect for people looking for movement. The price? Between 200 and 300 AUD per week.
  • Subiaco: Head to Subiaco, where the area's legacy lives on in decorative Italian architecture and the tree-lined, lively city center. Stroll along Rokeby Road and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the colorful markets. Prices range from 160 to 220 AUD per week.
  • Fremantle: Perth maritime centre. You can visit its Victorian markets, the History Museum or the very modern Maritime Museum. Fremantle is a stylish and busy place. Head south and grab a bite to eat on the Cappuccino Strip, famous for its beaches and lively nightlife. Between 200 and 350 AUD per week.
  • Scarborough: ideal para los amantes del surf y el kitesurf puesto que vas a vivir al lado de la playa. Por lo general, es un barrio tranquilo, pero también dispones de una zona de playa con diversos pubs, bares y restaurantes. Pagarás entre 150 y 220 AUD a la semana.
  • East Perth: It is a simple neighborhood with many bars and seafood restaurants. There are a variety of hiking and cycling routes around the Swan River in this area. The rental price for a single room is around 180-250 AUD.

Find out about all the events in Perth

In addition to being in contact with nature, Perth is the Australian city with the most relaxed lifestyle and the one that preserves the authentic essence of Western Australia. Ideal to get to know Australian culture in depth!

  • January: Mount Barker Wine Festival Weekend  (Mount Barker): It is a wine festival where twelve local producers taste their Premium products.
  • February: FeBREWary .With this very original name, it will not disappoint you. It's the best beer festival in Perth.
  • March: Channel 7 Mandurah Crab Fest presented by LiveLighter ( Mandurah):is Western Australia's largest, free food and drink festival. It is celebrated in the city of Mandurah. Here you will find food, music, shows...
  • April: FotoFreo Festival (Fremantle): FotoFreo is recognized as an international photography festival, held twice a year in Fremantle, Western Australia.
  • May: Festival of Country Gardens (Fremantle): is the festival of the flora. You will be able to see all types of gardens, some even historical and traditional.
  • Junio: Denmark Festival of Voice (Denmark): es el festival de la música de Dinamarca. Encontrarás todo tipo de artistas daneses.
  • July: Mundaring Truffle Festival (Mundaring):Food festival focused on truffles and other local products. You'll also find a wonderful program of complementary events, including tastings, talks and food-related forums for those interested in learning.
  • August: Corrugated Lines, a festival of words (Broome): Writers' festival.
  • September: Perth Fashion Festival (Perth): quite popular fashion festival in the city.
  • October: Northam Motorcycle Festival (Northam) :High-profile motorcycle festival.
  • November: Rockingham Community Fair (Rockingham): family atmosphere festival with all kinds of activities.
  • December: Rock It Festival (Joondalup): Biennial music festival worth attending.

Mistakes to avoid in Perth

  • Stay in the city center. Perth is perhaps not as big as other cities in Australia, so if you stay a little further out from the heart of the city, you will still be within walking distance stone from the center.
  • Travel by public transport without the student discount card. Ask your Local Advisorto get the card, they will give you very interesting discounts!
  • Buy bottled water. In Australia, tap water is drinkable in all homes. Also, in the restaurants, they give you free glasses of water and if you are going to play sports, you will find many fountains on the roads.
  • Entering a restaurant without looking at the prices. Australia has a fairly high standard of living, so there are restaurants that can cost you a lot of money. Better check the prices before and don't get scared.
  • Do not speak in English. If you want to learn English, the best way is to talk to native people or people of nationalities other than yours. Leave the shame at home!

What to visit in Perth

We know that you love to travel and discover new places, that's why we have made a list so you know what to visit in Perth.

  • Kings Park: It is one of the largest and most beautiful inner city parks in the world. It is rich in Aboriginal and European history, contemporary culture and offers innovative design, exhibitions and services.
  • Elizabeth Quay: you will find it on the north bank of Perth Water. Its name was chosen in honor of Queen Elizabeth II and it is a place in the city that you cannot miss.
  • Heirisson Island is an island in the Swan River at the eastern end of Perth Water, between the suburbs of East Perth and Victoria Park. There are 12 kangaroos that you can visit and feed.
  • Perth Cathedral: St. Mary's Cathedral, officially the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is the cathedral church of the Catholic Archdiocese of Perth, and the seat of its Archbishop, currently Timothy Costelloe. It is located in the center of Victoria Square, at the northern end of Victoria Avenue, Perth, Western Australia.
  • Swan Bells: las campanas de Swan son un conjunto de 18 campanas colgadas en un campanario construido especialmente de cobre y vidrio de 82,5 metros de altura en Perth. La torre se conoce comúnmente como la Torre de Bell o la Torre de Campana del Cisne.
  • Fremantle: es una ciudad portuaria importante en Australia Occidental, situada en la boca del río Swan. Fremantle Harbor sirve como puerto para la ciudad de Perth. Fremantle fue la primera zona establecida por los colonos en 1829.
  • Cottesloe: Located approximately halfway between Perth's central business district and the port of Fremantle. It is famous for its beaches, cafes and relaxed lifestyle.
  • Hillarys Boat Harbour: is a marina and tourist resort located in Hillarys, north of Perth.
  • Lake Monger: es una reserva natural en la llanura costera del río Swan, repleta de gran variedad de pájaros y mucha naturaleza, entre los suburbios de Leederville, de Wembley y Glendalough.
  • Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park: curiosamente, es considerado como el cementerio más respetuoso con el medio ambiente de Australia. El parque recibió su primer entierro en 1978.

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