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Study in Australia

Studying in Australia is a success. And this country offers the opportunity to international students to combine studies and work at the same time. Imagine a country that combines stunning landscapes, rich cultural diversity and a world-renowned academic reputation. That's Australia! Furthermore, the country of kangaroo has one of the best education systems in the world and offers a very wide variety of courses, degrees and educational institutions. Therefore, studying in Australia is fashionable. There is a wide variety of courses that you can study in Australia.

The most common courses among the international student community are English, vocational training courses and university or postgraduate courses . We explain the differences between each of them. Keep reading!

How to study in Australia? Best study options in Australia 

English courses

Initially, the most common thing among our students is to start their adventure by studying a english course. Regardless of your level, we recommend studying a language course during your first months in Australia, as it will give you the opportunity to have total immersion in the language, thus improving your weaknesses and gaining fluency when communicating in this language. In addition, English schools are one of the best places to meet people, make friends, networking, activities, etc. You will live a very enriching multicultural experience by meeting other students from all over the world.

You don't have to stick with just one course, you can combine any of them in a single student visa! For example, you can start by studying a general English course, then a specialized course in the IELTS English exam, and end with a business English course. There are endless possibilities!

Types of English courses

The main English courses offered by schools in Australia are:

  • General English.
  • Preparation for Cambridge exams (FCE / CAE / CPE).
  • Preparation of IELTS exams (General Training or Academic).
  • English for Academic Purpose (EAP).
  • Business English.

What requirements do I need to study English in Australia? We see you course by course!

General English– They do not have a maximum duration

Typically, students who have a low or intermediate level of English begin their adventure in Australia by studying General English. These courses are structured in 6 levels:

  • Advanced (High).
  • Upper-Intermediate (Intermediate-high).
  • Intermediate (Intermediate).
  • Pre-Intermediate (Low-Intermediate).
  • Elementary (Basic).
  • Beginner (English from scratch – not all schools offer this level).

General English courses start every Monday. They work on speaking, listening, reading, writing, and grammar. On the first day of class they give you a level test and, depending on the results, you start in one or the other. As you improve your level of English, you are promoted to higher level classes. Normally you will have to dedicate 25 hours a week to taking this type of course.

If your language is a little rusty and you want to refresh it, or gain fluency, it is advisable to start with a General English course. em> before taking a Cambridge or IELTS preparatory course. Because if you haven't practiced the language for a while, starting a Cambridge or IELTS preparatory course directly can be a bit difficult.

Cambridge – Duration 10-12 weeks (3 months)

Most schools offer Cambridge preparatory courses for the following levels:

  • CPE – Proficiency.
  • CAE – Advanced.
  • FCE – First.

Cambridge courses have specific start dates in most schools: January, March, June and September. Therefore, if we take a Cambridge course, the study plan will depend on the start date of the course. A few schools run Cambridge Flexi courses that start every Monday.

IELTS – Duration of 10-12 weeks (3 months)

There is only one type of IELTS course, but there are two types of exams:

  • IELTSAcademic: The Academic format is for those who wish to study at an English-speaking university or higher education institution.
  • IELTS General Training: The General Training format measures English proficiency in a practical, everyday context. It is for those who are going to work or carry out immigration processes in English-speaking countries.

In most schools, IELTS preparatory courses start every Monday, therefore giving us greater flexibility when organizing the study plan.

In order to enroll in a Cambridge or IELTS course, the Schools carry out a level test beforehand to check if you have the necessary level to take the course. Both the Cambridge preparatory courses and the IELTS courses prepare you so that, once you have completed the course, you can take the exam and obtain the certificate. This certificate can help you apply for a new visa such as the Work and Holiday, the Skilled Visa, among others.

Business English – Duration of 12 weeks (3 months)

The Business English courses are English courses focused on the world of business and companies. There are few schools that offer this type of course. In most schools these courses start every Monday.

English for Academic Purposes – Duration of 10-12 weeks (3 months) per level

There are some schools that offer English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses for those who want to study a (quality) Vocational Training course, a degree or a master's degree in Australia. They focus on specific areas such as writing academic reports, oral presentations and critical analysis of university texts.

These courses are also known as pathways, as they serve as access to universities and TAFE schools. That is, by taking 12 weeks (3 months) of an EAP course you can directly access the university or a TAFE course without needing to have the IELTSAcademicEnglish certificate. Of course, as long as the results obtained during the course are satisfactory.

To take an EAP course it is necessary to have an upper-intermediate level of English. So, taking this course can be an alternative if you do not have the minimum score required in the IELTSAcademic.

Can you study English in Australia and work at the same time?

Yes! With your student visa you can work 24 hours while you are studying and 40 hours during your school holidays.

Price of English courses

El precio medio de los cursos de inglés varía entre 250 AUD – 350 AUD por la semana, dependiendo de la escuela y el horario. A esto tienes que sumarle los gastos de la matrícula (se paga una sola vez y suele costar entre 250 AUD – 300 AUD, varía según la escuela) y los materiales (entre 10 AUD – 24 AUD a la semana, varía según la escuela).

Professional courses (VET and TAFE)

Once your command of the language is medium/high, a very good option to continue your studies in Australia is to continue with a professional course (VET, for its acronym in English). These courses have a practical focus, as they focus on developing practical skills and knowledge directly applicable in the workplace. They are perfectly designed so that you learn those skills directly related to the demands of the current labor market, regardless of your professional sector.

Aspects to consider

  • There are courses of all types: BusinessMarketingLeadership & ManagementInformation TechnologyGraphic DesignEntrepreneurshipSport & FitnessTourism, Yoga, HospitalityCookeryChildhood Education and CareAccounting, etc.
  • It is necessary to demonstrate that you have an upper-intermediate level of English to be able to take a course of this type.
  • There is the possibility of combining an English course with a VET or TAFE course, and even taking a VET or TAFE course directly if you already have a good level of English.
  • The level offered by VET schools and TAFE schools is usually the same; both offer Vocational Training courses – Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma. The difference is that VET schools are private and TAFE schools are public, they belong to the Australian government.
  • You should also bear in mind that VET courses cannot be validated outside of Australia. Although the vast majority of TAFE courses cannot be validated, they are recognized worldwide.

Types of VET schools

There are two types:

  • Inexpensive schools in which the courses are quite "weak" in terms of the quality of teaching and are not very demanding with class attendance. Generally, classes are 1, 2 or 3 days per week (depending on the course and school). A course of this type, for example 6 months long, can cost around 2500 – 3300 AUD.
  • More expensive schools in which the quality of the course and the quality of teaching is very good and are more demanding with class attendance. These courses open doors professionally in Australia. The price of these is more expensive, usually costing twice as much as the courses in the previous group.

TAFE Courses

TAFE courses are similarly priced to good quality VET schools. Some TAFE courses are priced even higher. TAFE courses are generally more competitive than VET in terms of the quality of teaching (hence their higher price). Generally, classes are 3 days a week and their content is quite practical. Furthermore, TAFE schools, being government-run, tend to be fairly well regarded by businesses in Australia.

Duration of VET and TAFE courses

Most VET and TAFE courses have a minimum duration of 6-9 months, and beyond. The only courses that last less time are only courses for Business & Recreation (there is one that lasts 4 months). All of these courses have specific start dates throughout the year.

English level for professional studies in Australia

Many VET schools allow us to take a placement test, while in most TAFE schools it is a requirement to have an IELTS English certificate or equivalent.

There are English schools that offer English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses, also known as pathways, as they serve as access to universities and TAFE schools. That is, by taking 12 weeks (3 months) of an EAP course you can directly access the university or a TAFE course without needing to have the IELTS Academic English certificate. Of course, as long as the results obtained during the course are satisfactory.

To take an EAP course it is necessary to have a high-intermediate level of English. Taking this course can be an alternative if you do not have the minimum score required in the IELTS Academic.

Price of VET and TAFE courses

The average price of Vocational Training courses, which in Australia are known as VET (Vocational Education Training) courses and TAFE courses (Technical And Further Education) varies according to the quality of the teaching.

There are courses, for example:

  • 6 months long that cost 2500 AUD – 3300 AUD, although the quality of the teaching is quite poor.
  • There are other 6-month courses that cost 6000 AUD and up, the quality of the teaching is very good. But it is necessary to demonstrate that you have an upper-intermediate level of English to be able to take a course of this type.

Study at an Australian university

For those who wish to complement their training, there is also the possibility of study at an Australian university as a foreigner. Many of these are among the best in the world and stand out for providing high-quality education.

Prices to study at the university

It is not cheap at all; It can cost between AUD 15,000 and AUD 60,000 per year depending on the course and university. Here you will find all the information about university studies in Australia and the scholarships that exist. It is necessary to have an official English certificate with the grade required by the career.

Without a doubt, studying in Australia is a valuable investment for your personal and professional development, which will give you the necessary tools to build a successful future in a globalized world like the one in which we live. Don't miss the opportunity to start your educational journey in Australia and discover all the advantages this country has to offer!

The steps to go to study in Australia

Too easy! The first thing you should know is that we are experts in managing the student visa – better known in the English-speaking world as the Student Visa –, so if you want to embark on the adventure, do not hesitate to contact us so we can guide you step by step throughout your adventure.

  1. Choose the course. What type of course do you want to study? In Australia there are many courses for international students like you. We will develop a personalized study plan to meet exactly what you are looking for.
  2. Choose the city. Which Australian city best suits you? We tell you the details of each of them to find the destination that best suits you.
  3. Limit your time. Decide how long you want to go to study in Australia. Remember that to apply for a student visa, the minimum stay is three months and up to a maximum of four years.
  4. Choose the school. It may seem easy but there are countless schools in Australia. We present you the best options according to your budget and objectives.
  5. Enroll. We take care of all the paperwork. Our counseling service is free and the price of the school will be exactly the same. You will simply save time, misunderstandings and a lot of headaches by doing it with us!v
  6. Make sure! We will carry out the contracting of mandatory medical insurance for you. With the student visa it is mandatory to travel with medical insurance. Another procedure that you can leave in our hands!
  7. Apply for your visa. The time comes to apply for your visa and... «Oh, no! It's all in English", "what does this mean?", "and this other thing?". Don't panic, you will apply for the visa with an expert agent who will be at your side at all times.
  8. Buy your ticket. Surely at this step you are already jumping for joy at home, and we understand it! But with the excitement, don't forget to use the discounts that airline companies offer our students.
  9. Meet your Local Advisor. He/she will meet you at your destination during your first 24-48 hours to welcome you and help you with all the initial procedures. You can count on yourLocal Advisorduring your entire stay in Australia!
  10. And let's fly! Ready to embark on the adventure? The steps to follow are clear to you, now you just need to take the path towards your dream of living abroad.

Studying in Australia, the best option!

In recent years, Australia has positioned itself as a haven for international students. Studying in Australia, Down Under, has become the best alternative for Spanish speakers who have the goal of embarking on an adventure, traveling, learning English (or perfecting it) and studying. abroad.

In which cities can you go to study in Australia?

Along with choosing the type of studies you want to pursue, you will also have to decide where you want to go to study.

Depending on the location you choose, you will find very different lifestyles. For example, Melbourne is known for being a very artistic and cultural city, as well as being the most similar to a European city. However, in Sydney you will enjoy a larger city, with a warmer climate and incredible beaches very close to the center.

If big cities are not your thing, you can also choose to study in Australia in smaller locations. small where you will find a quieter life surrounded by nature. It all depends on your preferences!

To make a decision, we recommend that you analyze all the information that we will provide you and think about which option best fits your lifestyle. You can always change cities once you are in Australia, don't worry!

Our team has lived (or lives) in all the cities in Australia, so you will have first-hand information.

Why study in Australia?

  • You will be able to work. With the student visa, you can work 24 hours a week while you study, and 40 hours a week during your holidays. A perfect mix!
  • You will get paid better than ever. In Australia salaries are high, especially if you compare them with salaries in Spanish-speaking countries. You will be able to cover basic expenses: food, accommodation, telephone... and even save for travel!
  • You will learn a lot. Not only because of the high standards of the Australian education system, but also on a personal level by living away from home for a long time.
  • You will get new opportunities. Australia is a country of opportunities. Take advantage of them!
  • You will always remember it. Not only is it a trip in which you will learn English and grow professionally, but you will also live a unique and unforgettable experience. Stunning beaches, surf, people from all over the world, good weather and, above all, a better atmosphere.
  • You will live a dream! According to the UN, Australia is one of the best countries in the world in terms of quality of life, education, public health, security and even happiness rates.

If you have more questions about what courses to study in Australia, don't hesitate to contact us! We will advise you for free. Traveling to Australia to study and work sounds too good, right? We know!

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